Wednesday, August 03, 2011


For the sixteenth of July,

One of the promises which has been started by Jesus Christ 4 years ago, is accomplished perfectly today.

I still remember how my mom taught me to write my first alphabet on a piece of paper. She held my right hand to guide me creating one alphabet. It's an "a". We began with vowels and my favorite was "o" because it's so easy, we only needed to draw a circle. At that time my handwriting was terrible, but my mom patiently moved my hand. Gently. At that time, I was 3 years old.

Now 19 years has been passed since that day, and today I am officially a Bachelor of Literature. July 16 2011 is my crowning day. 4 years ago, I never thought I would wear this cap and robe. I never imagined that I would be a Bachelor. Let’s do a flashback to 4 years ago.

As I have ever told the story, when my friends were busy for their university entrance assessment, I did nothing at all. I didn’t think I would continue to any college since me and my mom didn’t even have more than 2 million in our account. College was a place where we spent hundred millions of money. That was what I thought. So, I even didn’t dare to dream.

My future seemed so dark, there was no a hint of light at all. I didn't know where I should continue my life after this. Would I just end up in Kediri, working? Would I return to Jakarta, working? I didn't know. Blessed that Christ came into my life at that time. He was not a hint of light. He was my sunshine shining brightly and dazzlingly. He said that I didn’t need to worry. I just needed to believe Him, that He has prepared a very bright future for me.

So my burden had been lifted up, and I felt free and had no worries. Although my friends had been accepted at their chosen universities and they had paid etc, I still did nothing. I didn’t know what God would do, I didn’t guess whether He would let me enter a college or give me a job, it’s up to Him, I just surrendered.

Until one day without I expected it, I was living in Kediri while God’s hand worked in Jakarta. He opened my way miraculously! First, His hands really opened my way from Kediri to Jakarta. My cousin and my uncle unexpectedly met in a restaurant in Jakarta and suddenly after they had a lil chit chat, voila, my uncle asked me to continue to university. So I just knew the story about their meeting after that offer. My uncle said he would help me to pay, even if he didn’t have that much money to guarantee that he would support me until I graduate, he just said that we shouldn’t think about what would happen next, just entered it first and let’s see.

If in the middle of my study he didn’t have money to pay then just dropped it out. Haha. I tell you, this uncle was not a rich uncle who had hundred millions in his account. No. He was jobless at that time. He only had about 10 million at that time. He even had no idea what we would use to pay the annual tuition fee. Amazing, eh? Then my uncle and my cousin suggested me to go to Binus just like my sister (cousin, too). It’s not too expensive there. Well, I never heard about Binus before. They said Bina Nusantara and it’s not too expensive. Okay, I thought it was a small and infamous university, but it’s okay then because God had given me chance to study so I was grateful enough. But when I gave this testimony to my fellowship prayer my dear Alpha Omega, they said that, “Are you kidding? Binus is famous! Only smart and rich people can get there because it’s expensive and the assessment test is difficult!” Well let me tell you that what my friends had heard was not true because it’s not too expensive compared to Petra, Untar, or UPH. After I passed the test it’s also not that killing, although it’s not easy too for me. But I can’t deny that Binus is famous, yes. Haha so I just realized that God never gives us good thing. He always gives the best! Of course Binus is not the best compared to UI, UGM, or even to go abroad. But it’s the best for me because He has a plan for me there.

So, I registered and I joined the 3rd batch entrance assessment. It’s said that there would be aptitude test and English test. I went to Jakarta in March 2007 with supports and prayers from my beloved AO. Before the departure day, I spent weeks to study. I wanted to be responsible with the miracle God had given to me. I had to study well so that I could get the cheapest fee and it’s classified by grade A-D. When I got a bit lazy, I prayed and God gave me vision of a thorny iron ball that usually holds a prisoner behind the jail. He reminded me that my laziness would be a snare that could restrain me from His plan. So I got rid of that laziness and studied again.

He was so kind that he kept reminding and reminding me, until on the day I did the test, I really found it difficult! I was a villager, and I was not familiar with that kind of test, like what the synonym of incentive is. I didn’t know haha. And I thought there would be no Mathematic test since it’s not mentioned, but I had to face it too. It’s included in aptitude test. A simple mathematic just like in IQ test. Still, I was lame in Math. The English test was pretty okay, just like TOEFL test but the reading was difficult. So, after finishing the test I just could say that, O God, how if I didn’t get A? Who would pay for me? My uncle only had 10 million, and my mom sold her necklace for 2 million, and my uncle asked another uncle to help and we had 14 million now, exactly the number of payment that we needed if I got A. If I got B, then it would be 15,5 million, if I got C it would be 17 million and if I got D it would be 19,5 million. I wasn’t sure that I did the test well but I had done my best and I knew that God would take the rest.

While waiting for the result to come out, I and mommy went to Mangga Dua to buy materials for necklace. There she met her old friend! Can you guess what her friend said? They were talking about why we were there, to do the test bla bla bla, and her friend asked my mom what university I entered, what major, and my mom said English, in Binus, and she really made us shocked after that. She said that Atmajaya was the most famous university for English studies. Binus was not. Binus was famous for its Computer studies but not English. I should go to register to Atmajaya before it’s too late, they almost closed the registration!

Arrived at home, I and my mom were dizzy. How was it? Should we go to Atmajaya, before we paid anything to Binus? I cried again, I felt so confused. God, where did You want me to go? Why suddenly someone said that Atmajaya was better? Should I just register to Atmajaya, too? God simply putted a song in my heart, I sang it without I intend to do so. The lyric is like this: “Your promise is like a sun in the morning, that is never late to shine”. I was crying a river when hearing that song came out from my mouth. O yes, why confused? Why worry? His promise was never late. Even if I had to go to Atmajaya then He wouldn’t be late. After all, I just felt the serenity to stay, to choose Binus. I couldn’t explain why but after praying I felt that from the first time, I was just meant to be there.

The next day, I went to an internet cafe to check the result whether I was accepted or not and what grade I got. I was extremely happy when seeing that A on the screen. I felt like I wanted to scream out loud. God had done His part, He helped me to get A because He knew I had done my best. So after that we completed all the payment before we returned to Kediri for my National Examination.

Everything went smoothly until the day I returned back to where I was born. I started my POM (Orientation for New Students) in July and I just could say that I LOVED TO BE THERE! I LOVED THAT I WAS IN BINUS. I LIKED TO SEE THE UKM, HMJ, AND ALL ABOUT THAT. IT’S SO COLLEGE! Okay, I acted like a villager again but I do proud to be a villager so whatever, haha. I really loved that EXPO atmosphere. It felt so college, with creative and energetic students. I couldn’t stop thanking God that I was there.

I still can remember well when I was about to go to Jakarta to start this miracle, I asked my godmother, Mam Anik. “Mam, there will be a scholarship for students if my GPA can be higher than 3.5. Can I make it Mam?” and Mam Anik answered, “He who has started a great thing in you, He who will bring you to pass it.” Okay then, at that time I promised I would study well for my beloved Christ Jesus, my irreplaceable mommy, and also my incomparable godmother.

Well, then all that college life passed in tears and laughter, sweat and scream, healthy and ill, stressed out and relaxed, all those various feelings really colored my days! Until today that I have graduated, the point of this testimony is that God is truly FAITHFUL! What my godmom said is true, that He is faithful all the way. He who has started my study in University, He who has accomplished it well. I am allowed to study until I graduate even if not only my bank account but also my uncle’s was almost empty. How could we pay?

I got all the scholarship. The deduction started from the 3rd semester. Here is the list:
3rd semester: I paid Rp. 750.000,- while it’s supposed to be Rp. 2.750.000,-
4th semester: I paid Rp. 250.000,- while it’s supposed to be Rp. 2.750.000,-
5th semester: I paid Rp. 1.500.000, - while it’s supposed to be Rp. 2.750.000,-
6th semester: I paid Rp. 500.000,- while it’s supposed to be Rp. 2.500.000,-

So the total amount is I have saved Rp. 7.750.000,-

Maybe it is not too WOW because it’s only 7 million anyway, but the best part is, it was sufficient with the money available at that time. When my uncle didn’t have money, I only had to pay Rp.250.000,- so I even didn’t need to ask him, I could pay using my saving from meal and boarding house. When I got only small deduction, my uncle had money at that time to pay. So I was never late to pay at all, always on time. Me, someone who entered college with no more than 2 million in my bank account, never late to pay! Ha! How great is our God! We had to pay Rp. 3.500.000,- every year as we called it BP3, and we made it though, I even didn’t remember how we could pass it every year. What I remember is, He is never late.

Not only money for tuition fee, because I lived in a boarding house I also needed money for daily needs. The weird yet amazing thing was that God, never let me hungry. Even if I had no money remained in my bank account, I always be able to eat. I still could save some money for emergency, and yes there was an emergency moment when my mom couldn’t support my daily needs again before I looked for job at that time. So I had to spend my saving and yet God is still faithful. He never let me lack of something. I could pay internet when I needed it, I could afford my projects, I could pay for what I needed to pay. Even the single thing of this college thing was never missed from His hand. Still, I had to control my outcome. When I thought I didn’t need it then I wouldn’t spend it. Not that I worried I would be lack of money, I just learned to be wise to spend what God had trusted me to handle.

After all, God is really amazing. If today I can graduate in time, it’s him who looks after me. He who has prepared all and opened the way, he who has been with me and never leaves me for even a single second. He who listens and answers my prayers. He who gave me ability to get the scholarship. Not that I am clever because I am not, but that I did my best and let him take the rest. That I leaned on him and not using my own strength. That I obeyed and did not cheat. That is the reason why I never gave answers to my friends if they asked me in exams. Not that I was stingy and didn’t want to help my friends. It’s just my commitment with Him.

I also can know what His plans are now, why Binus? Why English Literature? Because all His plans are awesome! God keeps my track wherever I go. Never, He let me walk outside His path. My gratitude can’t be described through these millions of words. Still, I want to praise and sing and dance and rejoice because Our God is Faithful.

Now, let’s finish the flashback and return to the day of Graduation. In the morning of the day, I woke up and hoped for a bouquet of flowers. Tee-hee, actually I’d been wishing for it since years ago. I just think that it will be sweet if someone gives me flower on my graduation day. But on the day too, I realized that I hadn’t had a boyfriend. Usually boyfriend gives flower to his girlfriend on her graduation day, in my thought. So, it’s okay then. No flower today. Unexpectedly, when I was chatting in AO group, my godmom shared a picture of yellow and red roses and wrote a message like this:

Flowers for my beloved Edwig on her graduation day with love and prayer from: Heri Anik + Michael Matthew. We are so proud of you and thankful to God to send you into our lives.

Hueeee, I started crying immediately. It’s only a picture I know, but it’s so sweet! Haha, really touched my heart! She also asked my address and favorite color because Om Heri wanted to send a graduation card.  From Australia! How I love you! So, I just hoped for flowers and I got it, from my sweet godmom. Then, I went to the salon with mommy before going to JCC, and someone just called me and said that he was in JCC and there was a bouquet of flowers (real, this time!) delivered for me. Uh-oh. I hadn’t arrived yet! But then later I found out that the bouquet came from my beloved friends, Ernest, Bulu, Tempe, and Bolot. They were in Surabaya by the way. What a surprise! I really got a bouquet of flowers just like I wished for!

At that time I was reminded of a verse in 2 Corinthians 12:9, “My grace is sufficient for thee”. O yes Lord. His grace is sufficient for me, just like what my godmom always teaches us, “With Christ your life is 100%. Without boyfriend it’s still 100%. With boyfriend then it’s also 100%. It’s only in Christ that your life is completed and fulfilled”. Right 100%!!! I didn’t have a boyfriend who could give me a bouquet of flower, yet still I got it from my beloved friends and family in Christ! I was so overwhelmed with joy. I felt extremely blessed to have them. Besides, I treated that bouquet dearly since that is my first bouquet in my life! Hahaha.

After all, my college journey can be concluded in several posts. Those are:
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For the closing, Mr. Irfan asked me to make a testimony of 150 words about English Department as alumnae. So, here it is:

English Department has been a fun and perfect place for me to spend these 4 years in university. In 2007, I excitedly started to learn about not only language, but also technology and culture. I learnt not only Ms. Word, Excel, and Powerpoint, but also InDesign and Adobe Photoshop. For culture, we had Indonesian, British, American, and Australian. They were such a complete package! Therefore, besides learning Grammar, speaking and listening, reading books, and writing papers, I was given chances to design a magazine, create a play, and explore my creativity through some projects. I even haven't mentioned what we can get from the specializations. I chose Tourism and I learnt about travel, marketing, and hospitality. Those subjects made each semester has its own challenges. The most memorable part of this department was the wonderful lecturers who helped me in many aspects. They will be the ones I miss the most. Not forget to mention the student association, HIMSI. All I can say is, I just love this department. So much!

O great! I really write a super duper extra ultra mega giga long testimony. I better end it now. Last, I just want to say:

God has been awesome and will always be.


  1. Edwig, that's a very touching story I've ever read. You're great and God make it all possible. ;)
    Thanks for sharing this story. GBU

  2. ah komenku udah nempel bokk ;D hihihihhh *ngecek wkwkwkwk