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I always wanted to have a beautiful ending when I resigned from FremantleMedia someday. I always thought that I had to make it memorable. I wanted that the reason of my resignation was because of something far greater that I pursued in the future, something that was worthy enough to make me drop everything I had there, something that was greater enough to make me leave FremantleMedia. 

When that something came, which was The Next Journey to Australia, I wrote my resignation letter and gave it to my supervisor on June 9th, 2013. One month notice, I knew it really well. We both knew that I was going to leave the company since May. Even my supervisor was the first person who knew that my visa was granted. I felt so excited that I would start this new journey, get new experience, explore new country, and earn money with new currency. Haha. 

Days went by, and when it got closer to the day, I felt so sad. I was sad that I would leave my kind supervisor. I would leave my wonderful workmates that I could not mention one by one. I knew it would be hard to leave people I met five days a week, 8 hours a day, whom I spent my time and togetherness with in two years and four months. 

We started recruiting new HR Assistant to replace me (but we didn't recruit new Translator which made some people pretty sad with my leaving because they had to translate by themselves now haha). Then, I also planned to fold tulip origami and give it to my coworkers as a blessing before I left, because tulip means best wishes in floriography. I already listed down the recipients (approximately 20 tulips) and bought the pretty containers. I thought, they must remember me if they put it on their desk while working, and the tulips would be colorful and vibrant!

Sadly, something happened. I took my leave for a week to have a holiday with my best friends as you can read on Bliss Meets Beach. So I planned to come back two days before my last day, July 8th and 9th, enough time for hand over and farewell. But because of my carelessness, (haha) I ruined my own plan and didn't have enough time to fold 20 tulips so I just managed to fold one for my supervisor. Sad, isn't it? I really wanted to give them something to remember.

Yeah, so on July 9th I handed over to new HR Assistant, and on July 10th was my last day. I bought my laptop to take all my data (practically I wasn't working on that day because I just transferred, arranged, composed a dramatic farewell email, and packed everything). When I say "pack" I really did literally. It included tearing down all the posters of Korean actors from the wall haha.

I wore my Batik dress (newly sewn by mommy) to honour the last day. Besides, I wanted to look good in the pictures haha. I bought my beloved camera, Estoille Cruz to capture my last precious moments. So, here the story goes:

Around 3 p.m, Mbak Anet called me to sit in front of  her desk. I just wondered, why should I sit there? Why not on my own seat? Haha. Then, my close coworkers started coming down from the third floor and my eyes were already teary at that time. Mbak Anet played the video on her computer and asked me to listened to it. I just heard the intro and I already cried hahaha. You can watch the video HERE

The saddest and most touching part was when they sang the song together. 

"As we go on
We remember
All the times we
Had together
And as our lives change
Come whatever
We will still be
Friends Forever"

Suddenly I remembered all the good times we had together, when they teased me, bullied me, laughed at me, made fun of me, hahaha. Not that I was happy to be played on, but I was happy to laugh together with them. I remembered how good and care they were to me, like my older sisters. Then they started giving me their presents. Yay! I love presents and all were really awesome and well considered!

From Mbak Anet: Perth's travel book! I really need it!

From Mbak Ocha: A purple wallet, because she knew I never had a wallet and my bad habit was always putting my money in her wallet every time we had lunch haha. At least now she can be proud that I always use her wallet here and fill it with dollars. #giggling

From Mbak Vita and Mbak Inra: A very warm pink woolen scarf because it would be Winter when I arrived, I thought they knew when we went to Majestic Market together and I stopped to look at that scarf. Unfortunately I can't post the picture because it's already summer and I'd packed it, buried down there in my trunk.

Also a passport case (so Australia!)

Also a cute white fluffy bunny doll! They knew I love bunny so much and I would need it as my companion.

From Mbak Etty: A yellow bag! I love yellow and I used that bag to come to Oz!

From Mbak Cilla: A lace-bag! I love dress and so does her! We always think that lace is so pretty and elegant. And she told me that when she bought that bag for me she also wanted it for herself, so she wanted to buy two but her husband didn't let her do that hahahaha.

And above all those lovely stuffs, my favorite is:

A scrapbook that holds our memories together!

I really love it! When Mbak Pipit, one of my coworker resigned, Mbak Anet gave her a frame full of Mbak Pipit's photos during her 5 years at FM. I thought that gift was so awesome and meaningful. Oh yeah, I forget to mention that when Mbak Pipit got that gift, she was so happy and touched, but I was the one who cried instead of her! Haha I know it's so silly. Inside my heart, I wished later when I resigned, I would like to get a gift like that. And God granted me beyond my wish.

I asked Mbak Cilla how and when did they work on that scrapbook? It must took a lot of time and effort. Mbak Cilla said, they did it when I was on my leave for a week. They did it the whole week, a bit everyday, one page per day. Ah, I was so touched! How can I not love that gift? 

So, yeah. In the end I can say:

It's a beautiful ending

I am not quick in adapting, but when I do, I adapt well.
I am not quick in loving, but when I do, I love well.

Farewell FremantleMedia, you guys are the etch of golden ink written down on the sheets of my life.

—Perth, November 18, 2013.

with back office team
technical support team, EP, back office, etc
with Take Me Out team
research, finance, production, Head of Entertainment, etc
at finance room with finance team
finance team and finance manager
general affair team
P.S. No chance to take picture with the team of MasterChef, X Factor, and other programs since they were in the studio, and I forgot to take picture with OB, OG, and security, too. So sad! 

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