Saturday, May 07, 2011


May 5, 2011


Okay, I am 22 years old now. Do I look older? No? Thank you! :)

Anyway, I want to post these so that I won't forget the euphoria, of my birth and also my grand grand grandchildren's birth. I started my day with usual routine. 

And I put some special wishes from my special dears. Can't post the wishes from SMS, huhu, only FB. This is from my grandmother:

And this one is from my friend, Elmo:

 This one from my dear Oneng:

 And this one, I don't know who but the bunny is cute!

From Wafda & Apin:

This is from my sweet friend, Alisa, she said she would sing for me and she did:

From Iceu and Bulu:

From Ernestina my kind-anarchic friend (haha):

From Arva, so that I can remember his promise to buy a big bunny doll for me! :p

From my dear friend, Iip:

This one from one of my BFFs - Tempe:

This is from another BFF Maya, she wrote her wishes on SMS and I really laughed out loud! And continue via FB~ XD

And after hearing the good news I posted this:

And Maya also posted this:

Here they are, my foster grand grand grand children! Their ages are just 1 hour when the photo was taken! Amazing, eh?

And this is the post from Maya on her blog: 8-1 Baby Bunnies

So, what I can say on my birthday this year? BIRTH + BUNNY = PERFECT! LOL!

Thank you Facebook for connecting me and people I love on my birthday, I know the bestest friendship lasts no matter how far distance and how long time separates us! Although my BFFs were not with me but they spent that day in front of their computers to accompany me who was stuck in my office hahaha. Nothing can compare spending special day with people we love~ :D

When I was on my way home, mommy called me and asked what time I would arrive. I said about 1 hour later. She said she wanted to buy fried noodle. Okay. Then after I arrived and was about to enter the alley, my mom came out, she was just about to buy the noodle. My mom said, "You said 1 hour, this is just 30 minutes, I'm just about to buy it and the place is quite far, so you have to wait." And I said, "Fine then, let's go together."

After few steps, she said, "The location is near the Warnet." and I said, "What? That is so far! Why do you have to go that far?", and she answered, "Because the fried noodle should be special, if we buy only the ones near our house, it's not so special." OKAY, I was touched! Haha. Then after we bought it, we returned to home. I said, "Woooo so tired!" and my mom said, "If only I went earlier, you shouldn't go and buy it with me, so you wouldn't be tired." NO NO NO MOM! I couldn't let you walk that far alone. I thanked God because He made me meet you so we could buy it together and you had companion. I felt really blessed seeing you did this to me, mom, hehe. You are really a greatest gift from God to me in my every birthday! Thank you and I love you! ^^


  1. sooooo.... koe wez ngmg "i love u" iku??? on ur bday? trs reaksimu b reaksi ne mamimu py?? hahahaha

  2. ak ngomong i love you ne itu pas sebelum birthday pei hehe.. yo trs dee bilang, "yo iyolah, lek ga po iso sampe segede iki?" wkwkwkwk..