Saturday, May 07, 2011


Okay! I just wonder, if I am this excited whereas it's only a dream, what will happen if this becomes reality? Maybe I'll explode! =)) I have to write it down, because this dream is too beautiful and I don't want to forget it! Moreover, this dream is like a reality if compares to other dreams which are usually weird and jumpy, it seems so real! I don't know why I dreamed about this. Maybe because at night before I slept, I posted this:

Maybe because of that, I dreamed about Si Won. So the story is, I and my friends go to Mangga Dua for shopping. I go with Sofi, Nathania, Feli, Agnes, Apin, Wafda, and Maya. And as if there's a free concert, Super Junior will hold their concert there and we do not need to pay. In my dream, my friends are not interested, so they choose to continue shopping. Only me and Maya who are very excited and join the crowd to see the concert. But before the concert starts, the Super Junior members are chattering and eating in the canteen, haha sounds silly to imagine, eh? They are eating in Mangga Dua canteen. Then I see Si Won and I excitedly ask Maya to take a picture of me and Si Won. I don't care if it's embarrassing but I really will ask Si Won to pose with me. Before I take the photo, I realize that my HP camera is not good enough, so I look for Wafda to borrow her digital camera, but I can't found her! Huhu so sad. Then SuJu goes to the stage. 

Me and Maya quickly run to the concert place. The crowd has gathered in front of the stage and Suju is there!! They start singing. I feel so lucky because I can attend this concert in free and see them from that near. Suddenly the crowd gives the way for me and Maya to move forward and forward until I really am in front of Si Won! We reach out so that we can touch his hand! Then we enjoy the show and after they finish singing, they want to go back to the backstage, and when Si Won passes, I shout, "Si Won oppa, Saranghaeyo!!" and he smiles and nods. HAHAHAHA. What a silly-beautiful-exciting dream! But yeah, then I woke up. :"(

Makes me want to see KIMCHI and meet Si Won face to face! :))

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