Thursday, April 21, 2011


France Cinema Festival! 

I only watched two movies but they were awesome. Gonna share the stories here. The first movie is entitled Kerity, La Maison des Contes - Eleanors’s Secret. They spoke English and no subtitle, euh. Fortunately, it’s still audible and understandable. The story starts when Nathaniel, a 7 year-old-boy returns to his grandaunt’s house on the beach after her grandaunt passed away. His parents inherit the house, while Angelica her sister gets a doll. She doesn’t like it, because she thinks doll means nothing. On the other hand, Nathaniel gets a key to Eleanore’s secret room. She always says that it’s a secret room and someday Nat will enter it. Finally that day comes and can you guess what is inside that room? Books! Thousands of books! Children story books! First edition! Can you imagine it? It is heaven! 

Apparently, the characters are alive and they need a secret keeper to read for them the magic words (because they can't read) and their existence will remain. The bad news is, Nat cannot read. So it becomes trouble and they have to defeat many obstacles to read that words in the end. It sounds like this, "Just because it's a story doesn't mean it's not real", and those words successfully save the dreams of children about fairytale (dream of mine, too!) We can meet many characters there, Peter Pan, Captain Hook, and Little Red Riding Hood befriends the Wolfie, also Little Match Girl, Alice, White Rabbit, Pinocchio, Cinderella, and the Fairies. I also noted some great quotes, like "There is no human being can ever live without dream," and "Doll is like human, the treasure is hidden deep inside". Well, it's right, because Eleanor hid all her jewelries inside the doll inherited by Angelica. They finally can use that jewelries to repair the house' roof which is struck by lightning.

You can see the scenes here: Eleanor's Secret

The second movie is a romance comedy entitled La Chance de ma Vie or Second Chance. I really love it. First, because they speak beautifully in French, and second, because it's meaningful. It's so romantic, the fact the the woman can accept this man although she's always unlucky when she is with him. And the unlucky things that were considered as curse, in fact is the luck in disguise. So this woman tries to get the man back, she even calls him and says, "It's okay, I have the life insurance now." Hahaha, and the ending is unpredictable! The favorite quote from this movie is, "Curse can be luck, too, eh?" It's so funny, also. Really amusing!

You can see the trailer here: La Chance de ma Vie

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