Saturday, April 16, 2011


What will happen if 
Walt Disney, Rapunzel, Michael Jackson, 
J.K. Rowling, Abraham Lincoln, Virginia Woolf, Helene Cixous, 
Mary Wollstonecraft, and Kelly Clarkson 
didn't dream?


Dreams are something that can make us down, or instead will keep us ALIVE. It’s according to us, which one we will choose. If you are afraid that dreams will disappoint you, and you don’t want to face the risk, then you should keep reading this post and I hope it will change your point of view so that you dare to dream big. On the other hand, if you agree with me that dreams are what keep us alive and make our life colorful, then you also should keep reading, so that we can share how dreams work in our life.

I created one sentence to represent my point of view about DREAM. “No need to be realistic, yet shouldn’t enter the fantasy world.” First, we don’t have to be realistic to dream, because realistic means we are planning, not dreaming. For example, it’s extremely not realistic for me to have a dream to travel around the world. Let me tell you, until the age of 21, me and my mom never have money more than 5 millions in our account. Although we ever had 5 millions, it only passed by for my college tuition-fee. The money was my uncle’s, and he sent it to be taken by Binus. For these 21 years, I and my mom lived with faith day by day without any big saving in our account. So, it’s impossible to have such a dream, isn’t it? But I keep dreaming although it’s not realistic, because I know our GOD is a GOD beyond logic. He does many impossible and unrealistic things in our life, that’s what keeps me dreaming big unrealistic things. I want to go to France, Swiss, New Zealand, Hong Kong, South Korea, Thailand, Vietnam, Rome, Italy, UK, Iceland, anywhere! I dream to have animal shelters, boutique, and schools for unfortunate children, and hospitals, and I ask you, are they realistic? Not at all. Yet, what sounds so unrealistic makes us even thrilled more.

Second, do not enter the fantasy world. What I mean is, there’s no use to dream something that won’t happen in this world, such as marrying Korean artists (well, although that’s unrealistic and still there’s a chance to come true, but it’s really a waste of time, to dream something like that, for me it’s 0,000001% of possibility, I must say). The difference between unrealistic and fantasy is only separated by a very narrow line, isn’t it? Still, dreaming of something like marrying a super-perfect man or woman will only come true in our dream if we never wake up again. 

Therefore, what I try to say is, our life will never be boring if we have those big dreams, because everyday we wake up with hope and plan to pursue our dreams. So, as the first step, dare to DREAM first. We may know what we want to do in our life only by thinking about it. But we will do many extraordinary and awesome and fabulous and magnificent things only if we dream big!

After dreaming big, what will keep us hoping? How can we be sure that our dream will come true and won’t remain as only a dream? The answer is only FAITH. Why? It’s because faith is to see the unseen. Dream is unseen right? We can’t see our future; we can’t see whether it will come true or not. However, if we have faith, then there won’t be worry inside our hearts, there won’t be any negative thinking in our mind, because what will cover us is only positive thinking and positive hope that we can reach it. Just like Jesus said, “If ye have faith as a grain of mustard seed, ye shall say unto this mountain, Remove hence to yonder place; and it shall remove; and nothing shall be impossible unto you.”-Matthew 17:20. So, do you dare to HOPE? To put all your dream under His Cross and unto His loving hands? Use the faith that has been granted abundantly to us to keep hoping? Because without faith, no matter how big our dream is, we will never see miracles. Our unrealistic-and-seemed-impossible dream won’t come true, because to reach it, NOT ONLY by our strength and effort BUT ALSO because of miracles and intervention from our Mighty God.


God doesn't want blind faith. Thus, He gives us WISDOM, to know what's good and what's bad,  to differentiate our needs and wants. Dream is the desire of our heart, so it's our wants. However, wisdom is here to show us, whether our wants are according to God's will or not. And without wisdom, we may live in a blind faith, that will cause resentment. For example, we dream to be a model. Of course it's okay. But ask His wisdom before we take the first step, and the next steps. Ask Him to show whether this dream is for us or not, whether it will be okay to be pursued. If we think there's a thing that steals our serenity, then don't insist. It's different between being sensitive to God's wisdom and easily give up. We can differentiate them. 

For example, if we register to take a model talent search, and as we know we have to change our outfits just there, in front of people. Do we feel okay with that? If it becomes burden in our heart, and there is no SERENITY put by Holy Spirit, then why insist? Maybe we just don't belong to that world. Maybe God knows if we keep following that dream, we can fall to unholiness? He knows, more than we know. It's different right, between easily give up? If the problem is, we wants to be a flight attendant, and we have to pass the-killing-training for 3 months, if we can't survive, then we will be failed. We still have that serenity with us, it's just, tiring. Then, we can't give up to pursue our dream, right? 
Wisdom is the principal thing; therefore get wisdom: and with all thy getting get understanding.”-Proverbs 4:7 & “For the LORD giveth wisdom: out of His mouth cometh knowledge and understanding.”-Proverbs 2:6


As I mentioned above, wisdom will set us apart from RESENTMENT. When we know that we can't get what we want, we will be hurt. Sometimes, people are too hurt to dream again, to hope again. That's why since the first time we dream, since the first step we take, until the last step we attempt, keep the wisdom with us. When we are not too sensitive to feel it, and we blindly keep insisting and pursuing, until we are tired, and we will be hurt. But then, it's okay. Losing a dream won't kill us, because we have BIG GOD. Lose 1, create 1000. Wisdom makes us not too hurt when we know there is something we want that is unachievable. Wisdom will show us why that dream is not for us. For example, let's say we want to be an artist, but we are always failed and later we give up realizing that we have been too old and that dream will remain as a dream. Our God is big, He knows why He doesn't let us to reach it, maybe we are type of person who can't live without privacy, or being an artist maybe will ruin God's plan for us? There are many reasons and with Wisdom, we can know it and accept it with big heart. Dare to dream again, because even if we are hurt, He is the one who will console us, and we can MOVE ON.

P.S The jobs mentioned above are only examples, not intentional choice. :)

By the way, I found a great poem about dream:

If you can dream it
You can do it
Anything in every bit
With your own talent and wit
If you can see through
All dreams will come true
Anything at all
Each day has its call
Wonder on by
Through the dreams you see
Open up your sky
Come and follow me
Dreams are a notion
And feelings from your heart
Through its timeless ocean
With each new start
If you can dream it
You can do it
Never feel unfit
When you can prove it
Anything out there
Is for your dreams
Come follow me from here
With what it seems
Have your own try
Through in what you see
Like clouds fly on by
So it must be
Give it magic potion
That never shall depart
Opportunities and emotion
Are its main part

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