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Many movies make us cry. I myself, if I'm not mistaken and exaggerating, which I'm sure enough I'm not (lol), cry in almost all movies I ever watched, except for the pure-comedy & action ones. Although the genre of that movie is not supposed to be sad, but sometimes, or always, there's one or two scenes that really touch my heart. However, there are some movies that REALLY, makes me cry from the beginning until the end! It can be said like about 70% of the movie that makes my face wet. I really want to put them here because there's not many movies have that ability, to make people cry for 70%, which means, if the duration is two hours, we cry for about 80 minutes of 120 minutes movie! Ha! What a great and honorable ability! :p Do not want to wait any longer, let's begin!


This is awesome, because it's supposed to be a comedy-movie, for Rancho sake! How come I cry? & I tell you, I watch this movie 5 times, and I cry for that 5 times! The most heart-touching scene in which I become the loyal customer to cry is when Raju wants to suicide and Rancho & Farhan, in blood, take him to the hospital. Those expressions on their faces, really, now even when I only remember it, I can cry. There are still many touching scenes like when Raju's mother can buy a sari and show it to Raju. Oh yeah, my second saddest scene, when Farhan has to tell his father for his dream about photography. OMG OMG that's so meaningful, when his father says, "What will Mr. Kapoor (mentioning their neighbor's name) say if he knows you can't be an engineer?", and Farhan replies him, "But why I care about what Mr. Kapoor will say? He's not the one who put air conditioner in my bedroom so that I don't feel hot. It was you who did all this. It's your opinion that matters." Huhuhu I also always cry while watching this scene. What a SUPER movie! Sad, yet funny, yet meaningful.


What can I say? This movie is even sadder than Hachiko, I'm not lying. I cry almost for the whole scene. Seeing the grandpa, the love of brother and sister, and moreover, the love of Mari the Shiba Inu. She is just an awesome dog. She doesn't care if her leg is hurt a lot, she just wants to help her master. That dog is way too cute. Too cute to be true! The acting of the actors and the dog is also incredible. I watched this movie in Final Exam's days and tomorrow I had to face Pragmatic while I hadn't studied at all and after watching this movie and crying a river, I couldn't study at all. Hahaha.


Crying from the beginning until the end, also. The story is about a mother who had to choose, whom would she save, her daughter or son? Later, she chose her son, and her daughter knew it. It became the trauma for her daughter. The saddest scene is when finally they reunited again, when for the first time after about 30 years she met her mother, her mother bought tomatoes for her. It was the promise when she was still a child. I also can learn many things from this movie:

1. A mother will never abandon you if they can.
2. Do not force your mother to do something she doesn't like.
3. Do not say you regret marrying your spouse while you are fighting.
4. Do not be pregnant before getting married because your man will say he is not ready yet.
5. And many more till I forget.


This movie was made in 1988, I even haven't been born yet! :) So sad, I always cry if the story is about a mother. Mother is just awesome. It's touching when the boy was singing "Mama Hao" song to his mother. If I became his mother I would cry on the spot! :p It's also the song of mommy & me.

Here is the lyric:




When I was out from the theater my face was super terrible! :p Because I cried a lot, during the whole movie! The saddest scene: When the boy died. Yet the movie is so funny, so I got so tired while watching because I laughed so hard, cried so badly, laughed so hard, cried so badly, on, and on, and on, until the movie ended. Also, when the terrible flood disaster attacked Wilhelmina, I loved the voice of funny-hair Joel so much. The song, We Shall Overcome, I adore it to the max! Here is the lyric:

We shall overcome,
We shall overcome,
We shall overcome, some day.
Oh, deep in my heart,
I do believe
We shall overcome, some day.


My favourite scene: When the children monks brought steamed-buns for the soldiers. Although the soldiers kept shooting them but they still went on, until it touched the soldiers' heart. Huhuhu it's awesome to the max. And everytime the monks sacrificed themselves, it always made me cry.

Will be updated if I find other movies. :D

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