Thursday, February 03, 2011



It's a year of Rabbit, so excited! Not because of the year, but because of the rabbit! :p
This year, we can find many rabbits accessories! Moreover, it's only for 12 years once!
I have no significant tradition through the years, usually me and my family gather together in my grandma's house to have lunch. The lunch is always the same every year, we have mushroom, broccoli, noodles, and other Chinese foods. We also always eat oranges. And sweets!

In the morning, we have nothing to do and only watch TV, usually. Today is kinda different. When my mom realized that it's not a Tiger year anymore, she pulled out our Tiger decoration hung at the door.

I suddenly think, hah? Did my mom want to discard it? It has accompanied us the whole year, and it's a cute decoration also. What if it didn't decorate the door anymore? It will be so plain.

Then me & my mother do the experiment to save this decoration.
Voila! We have this now. 

For the year of Rabbit! :p
Later my mom has hung it back to the previous place.

My mom & I also wear the same shorts she made.
For the clothes, she wears neon pink while I wear soft pink. I love this clothes so much.

Hoahahahaha. What a cute bunny! Year of bunny! Bunny's T-shirt! And what I can say is, OMG, this bunny is just like Louie! Golden Bunny! It's sparkling, too! 
Btw, yesterday I went to Citraland Mall and the decoration is pretty good. Took some pictures there.

When I was googling for golden rabbit's pictures, I got this. OMG, is there anybody can teach me how to do this rabbit origami? Want it so badly!

I hope this year, rabbits all over the world will get happiness and good families. I hope they have good life.  They deserve it, because they have affection, warmth, and tenderness. They change people's life. I love rabbits, with all my heart, for ever and ever! 

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