Friday, January 14, 2011


Wig proudly slightly embarrassedly presents:



Don't mind the 'web' on the wall, I was inspired by pirates and too lazy to make it up.
Why it could be that messy? I was disassembling all things I ever carried from home to be returned back.

VOILA! Finally clean, eh?
I told ya, after 4 hours finally finish! 4 hours! I packed up all the books and college's materials to be putted in the trash can. I even had no time to say goodbye, because I got backache after that, for carrying too heavy burden for 4 hours! XD

 The Computer's Corner:
It will remain messy till forever, I have no idea where I should put those stuffs!
Location: Beside the door.

The Wardrobe:
Gudang Garam's Samoyed My godmother gimme that calendar. :) Lee Dong Wook's poster from Jenny. Clock from Sinyo. That cardboard-bookshelves I made together with mommy. Minnie from Felly. Bag from Becik. Bunny Bank from Agnes. OMG all my stuffs are people's kindness! :p
Location: Right-side

The Poster-Wall
Only for colorful wall, only to avoid white-plain wall, I pinned up everything I found! & I was so lucky to get that Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix's poster! People's kindness, again. That colorful writing is my preposition list. I never read it, anyway.
Location: Left-side

Gonna leave this bedroom in a month ahead. Gonna miss you, beddy!

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