Friday, January 20, 2017


Welcome. You are about to read The Cleaner Diaries, a very intriguing secretive heart-pouring piece of writing revealed from the diary of an extraordinary cleaner.

Just kidding. I am not extraordinary at all, judged from my not-so-clean-house.

Prologue: I thought I was going to finish my study by July, and I would move to Rockingham after in August. So my plan was to look for a full-time job related to my field of study, but meanwhile I still needed to do my part-time cleaning job, until I got another job. However, Karrinyup is like 3 hours by train and bus, round trip. Of course, I wouldn't be able to continue working there, even though I really loved my workmates.  

Sat, 18 June 2016,
Going to work as usual, and when I finish my shift I go to see my manager to give her wedding invitation. We discuss about how I am going to move to Rockingham in August, and she said we have Airlite (the company where I work) in Rockingham Shopping Centre! She also knows the manager well, so she said she can easily transfer me down! I just need to give her 2 weeks notice if I want to move. Woo-hoo, at least I get a job secured when I move later. So happy!

Tue, 21 June 2016,
My pastor and my lecturer ask me why I am still living on campus in Karrinyup, while my husband is down there. Then, I think, yea, why don't I move now since we are married anyway, and my study is almost finished. But I have told my manager I will transfer in August, there is no way they have shift available all of a sudden. Meh, then I have to travel all the way from Rocko to Karrinyup to do my 4 hour-shift. But, okay then, at least if I move now I don't need to pay rent anymore. Okay! We decide to move on 28 June!

Mon, 27 June 2016,
Hooray, tomorrow I am going to catch up with my ex-workmate in Karrinyup! Then maybe tomorrow I can see my manager and let her know I am moving soon.

Tue, 28 June 2016,
In the morning I get a text, saying:
"Hi Martina. I know you said you will move in August, but the manager from Rocko just rang me and asked if you want to start earlier, someone just quits and they need a cleaner, it's a good shift you get weekend, too!"

Then I reply:
"YES I WANT! Actually I plan to see you today and ask if I can transfer earlier because I am moving down tonight. It's funny that you text me first! I will see you this afternoon!"

Then I see her and WHAT A BLESSING, they really need someone urgent because the lady who just quits has a lot of problem and she quits all of a sudden. But maybe I will start in 2 weeks, just coz, maybe my manager needs time to find my replacement. Then she said, "Can you start there this Thursday?"

Eh, ehm, WHAT? So I said, "Yes, but what about my shift in Karrinyup?"
She said, "Nah, don't worry about that I can easily find a replacement".
UUU-YEAH! I am moving down tonight and I can start my job in Rocko this Thursday! WHAT A GOOD TIMING!

The only downside is, I don't have time to say goodbye to my workmates. LOL. But they will come to the wedding reception anyway. So it's okay. 

Wed, 30 June 2016,
Going to Rocko Shopping Centre to meet my new manager, get my new uniform, and talk about my shift. So I get Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday (all morning), and Sunday afternoon. Not bad, This is just temporary, tho. 

In the afternoon, I get the news about my visa and how I should study for another year. #canyouhearmyscatteredplan

So I have to do this cleaning job for another year, because this job is the best in terms of time and money. NOW I AM SO GRATEFUL THAT I DIDN'T JUST QUIT MY JOB OTHERWISE I WILL BE JOBLESS WITHOUT KNOWING I HAVE TO PAY ANOTHER 18.000 BUCKS!

I am worried, tho. My class is usually Tuesday to Thursday. If it interferes with my shift, then it will be a problem, because this shift is not flexible to change and adjust. Praise God, after discussing with my college, I can do Tuesday night and Wednesday morning, plus two independent classes. BUT, I can't do Old Testament Theology, which I really want, because it's on Tuesday morning. Oh well, life's tough. #wipingmyrunningsnot 

Mon, 15 August 2016,
Week 3 of the semester. Suddenly I get an email from Airlite saying there's a roster change. Uh-wow, this is a big change, directly from the head office, and not happened often! Everyone is affected. AND GUESS WHAT??? MY SHIFT IS THURSDAY NIGHT, SATURDAY MORNING, AND SUNDAY FULL! Similar to what I did in Karrinyup! This is sooo GOOD for my study, less hours same income! And this is Week 3, which means I still can change my unit! So I ring college and say I want to do Old Testament Theology!!! YAY finally I can do OT Theology this semester! Praise God! 

Sooo, when I write this I have been working in Rocko for almost seven months. Oh wow. Time flies. It still amazes me that God doesn't only provide me with a job, but also changes my shift in such a way that I can do the unit I wanna do. Btw, this is the sequel of God is in My Tomorrow, my first story about funny 'coincidental' job search in Australia.

"Where God guides, He provides."

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