Monday, December 28, 2015


"Sometimes, it's the journey that teaches you 
a lot about your destination."

Few days left before the end of this year! It also marks the 3/4 of my journey as a post-graduate student in this country. Continuing my previous post In the Middle of the Story, I want to thank Him for being faithful all this time. Just another six-months to go, but I am still in the middle of the story. The story of struggle, learning, growth, discovery, and exploration as one phase of my life.

So, I finished my graduate diploma in June and started my Master in August. Gee, suddenly all my lecturers become way more strict with my grammar, which I can understand, considering this level of study. It's just a bit of a shock that previously, I wrote my assignment just as how every sentence came to my mind, and I got a good mark, while now I applied the same method and I got called to the office and was asked by my lecturer, "What are you talking about in this essay, I don't understand. Does it make sense to you?" and I would answer, "Yeah, it makes sense to me", haha. Talking about syntax, grammar, and sentence structures, duh. Then, I was always hesitant to ask people to proofread my assignment, just because I didn't like to bother people. I know reading a 2000 word-assignment is such a pain and it takes time, so I just felt, as long as people can understand my point, minor grammatical mistakes sure won't be a problem? But yeah, it is a problem now. 

I don't know why, but I am sure my fellow students can relate to this, you know, the feeling when you can't think of anything when the assignment is not due yet? Then when the time is tight, suddenly inspirations come and I feel super intelligent. Not that I don't want to admit it's procrastination, but seriously, I tried to do my assignment in advance. But there's always something that hinders me from doing it. Like the internet was suddenly off, or something like that (#anotherexcuse). Then time passed and I would, as usual, spend the last weeks of the semester staying in the library until 1 every night, like for 6 consecutive weeks. Strangely, usually those 'last' essays and reports get the highest marks, haha. And the good news is, now I have a proofreader who is happy to read all my assignment! But it's all a happy ending (at least for this semester), although I was dragging myself with baggy eyes and tons of coffee, and although the result is not as good as the first semester (I told you, it gets harder, hehe), I am happy my third semester is done.

As for my job, I am still faithful and loyal (#um) to my cleaning company and shopping centre. They did change my roster, tho. Now I have my 8 hour-Sunday back, and the rest 8 hours are Thursday night and Saturday in the food court. I was so happy that they moved me to food court because it means no more night cleaning (yes!), less dealing with the toilets, and when the food court gets quiet I can chat with my workmates, so less boring. But does it mean I am less tired? Nope. Does it mean I will stop saying I am tired? Nope! Haha. Does it mean there is less drama?? Big nopeeee! Especially this busy Christmas season, one of the tenants was super horrible to us, the innocent staff. It turned out well, tho, thanks to my super cool manager who always defends me. I can laugh about it once everything is over, but it was not so pleasant when things happened (listen to the cry of this miserable cleaner, hehe just kidding). Then for Christmas I work my b*tt off especially in these three weeks, but it's okay it's all worth it! Now I can rest because it's over. Well not really, I still have my own regular shifts to do, just no extra shifts. But still.

Then, this year is special because I meet someone special. Hehe. I'll just enjoy this time together and see how things go. Summer is here. Everything is extra hot. I always know Perth is beautiful, but now that I have someone to share it with, everything becomes way moooore exquisite (I even get this vocab from him, lol). The beach, the waves, the stars, the flowers, the bush, the city, the mountain. I am grateful for this year, and let me welcome the new year and the next adventure in excitement, wondering what's ahead. I have to admit, sometimes I fear. I have to keep reminding myself, that God has been faithful, and He will always be.


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