Sunday, August 26, 2012


Ohoy! Exactly last year, August 26th, 2011, was the day Dogai came to my house. His owner wanted to go on vacation and he entrusted Dogai to me. I still remember it clearly when my uncle said that Dogai would arrive on 26th. When I just came home from office, as soon as my mom opened the door for me, I asked, "Is he here?" and my mom said, "Yes, he is here!" and I was running, screaming, and jumping like crazy to the third floor to meet Dogai again after 1 year separation. So happy, can't be described by words. Who knows that apparently he was not taken by his master so from that day, he lives with me until today! So I celebrate it as Dogai's anniversary!

I make this special cake for him, although in the end I am the one who will be eating it, since he is not allowed to eat chocolate. Haha. This cake is my own modification, and by the way, the first cake I've ever made by myself in my life. So I got the Rainbow Cake recipe and since I don't have 6 baking trays, I just make this simple one. It's called Raspberry Cheese and Chocolate cake. I don't expect that it will taste this good but yes, it doesn't disappoint me as an amateur. Hehe. Gonna share the recipe later.

So, there are a lot of things happened in this 1 year, but I have 1 best phrase to describe him. He is the best companion! I really enjoy all this time I have spent with him, moreover all his naughtiness and silliness. He always makes me, mommy, my uncle, and everyone who meets him smile. He always looks so peaceful when sleeping, but then when he's barking, I'm feeling like want to cover his mouth. Haha. Dogai, please stay with me forever. Thank you God for giving me Dogai. Hehe.

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