Wednesday, August 10, 2011


I just remember that I like chess! After upgrading some features in my cell phone, I also downloaded some games. Chess is my favorite board game. I first learned playing it when I was in Junior High School. I and some friends used to go to library to play it. However, the best memory was in Senior High School. We still liked it, even more! The bad news was, we didn’t have chessboard at that time. So Bulu and Wig made it ourselves! We drew many chessboards on our school desks using correction pen. It started with one desk actually. We made our own pieces by tracing the size of coin of Rp. 500,- for the King, Queen, Knights, Rooks, and Bishops, and Rp. 100,- for the pawns on the carton. The colors were blue and pink. At the end, my friends liked it and we had to draw 4 or 5 desks (read: damage the desks) for the chessboard and make a lot of chess pieces. Every day was a competition day, because there would be 4 or 5 pairs in the battles. Anyway, this damaging thing is not supposed to be done by students, anyway! We were just too naughty at that time! :p

(It's only one creativity during the off-lesson hours. I haven't mentioned the rest! XD)

Why do I like chess? I think because it uses strategy to play. We have to rack our brain to consider which move is better. We think for the consequences every time we make a move. Sometimes we need to sacrifice to get what we want. Sometimes we learn to step back to save ourselves, and sometimes we should just go straight forward. Sometimes we make stupid mistake because we forget to analyze the surroundings situation, and we have to accept it. Sometimes we have to lose to get. Sometimes we have to broaden our mind, not to focus to check mate the King only. We learn to survive with whatever remains. We learn to struggle until the very end even though we have to lose anyway. We learn how to defend while we attack, and how to attack while we defend. O, great, and the pictures below are too cool, make me like it more! Happy Chessing! Play online here: CHESS


  1. wwwiaaaaaaa...... GROKKK GROKKKKK.. haohaoa ngikkkkkkk ngokkkk...

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