Thursday, March 17, 2011


Lemme introduce my buddies in these 21 years passed.
(The years indicate how long I was with them, not the length of life)

1st. Amau (1995-1997)
A cute cat that was taken care by my cousin when I was at elementary school and we used to play together. 
(no picture)

2nd. Patsy (1998-2000)
A dog of my mom's boss, so smart and small.
 I used to play with her since elementary, than I moved to Kediri for 7 years and I came back to Jakarta in 2007 and visit her, and she's still alive! Been 9 years-old and losing her teeth hehe.
(no picture but she looks like this)

3rd. Kevi (1999-2000)
Patsy's sister. A year after Patsy, Kevi came as the new pet of my mom's boss. She was still a puppy at that time, and she loved me so much. And I loved her, too. Everyday when I came from school she would welcome me and jumped at me. And now she's old already, very big and fluffy.
(no picture but she looks like this)

4th. Augusta Louie Moscovitz (2003-2007)
Or I call her Louie.
I met her for the first time on July 23rd in 2003 and I suddenly immediately unpredictably fell in love with her only at our first sight. Then she belongs to me forever since that day. Then she stays in my heart forever since that moment God let us meet each other. She was only 3 ounces at that time! And in 2007 she had grown and reached almost 8 kilograms! Amazing, huh? I will write specially about Louie in another post. 

5th. Pavlov (2003)
I bought him with Louie, too, he was supposed to be Louie's husband but then he left us huhu. They were so funny together, when they were eating, Pavlov always won and got more food, but Louie was more active and always jumped on Pavlov's body. I cried a river when Pavlov died but Louie seemed like didn't realize that she just lost her husband. Fiu~
(no picture taken but he looked like this)

6th. Mociamau (2008-2009)
This is the second Amau hehe. She came into my house and life one day in 2008 just few months after Louie's death. I didn't take care of her but she just came and went as she wished. Coming to amuse me and accompany me sometimes, and play of course. She had a very pretty face. Always pregnant and pregnant, maybe because she was too beautiful. And she liked to scratch! :)

7th. Marchanta Eiuol Moscovitz (2009)
Or simply call him Eiuol (read: Eyol).
He's Louie Junior, a birthday present from my brother. I took care of him in my bedroom in boarding house and I think that condition was not good for him because he died. I became traumatic since that moment. T_T
By the way, she really had the ability to sleep in peace.

8. Hu-Hu (2010-present)
The third Amau, but I call her Hu-Hu because she looks like a tiger, her colour. What makes me like to play with her is because she doesn't like to scratch and she allows me to tickle her stomach (something that many other cats won't ever do). She are also obedient to me, when I said "Don't", then she won't do it. And the same as other Amau, always pregnant. Her hobbies are sun-bathing and body-sliding.

9th. Ouiel Moscovitz (2001 Mid)
I called him Ouiel (read: Oyel). Only took care of him in a very short time for a reason, I hope he's well till now. Like to bite, tho~ and very aggresive hehe.

10th. Erick (2010 Mid)
Agnes's bunny and Oyel's friend. Very cute and calm.

11th. Dogai (2010 End)
My neighbor's dog, they entrust him to me when they were having their holiday. Love him so! Aggressive and crazy and always  bite everything! But I owed him my life because he was there when I was sad. He was the one who comforted me haha. He didn't like to be groomed but I had to, so me and my mom had to put extra effort to make him handsome!

And I hope I can get other chances to take care of other pets.

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