Saturday, February 26, 2011


As an alumnae (huahaha I'm totally not serious when saying this, really, I want to graduate, but I don't want to become an alumnae!), I think I can share some words for my friends who are writing their thesis now. Not that I advise you because I could pass it smoothly, NOPE, I am not advising, I just want to share because I ever had the same difficulties, too! :D It's because I passed the process in so not-smooth way, too, that I hope what I'd passed somehow can be useful for my friends. There are some tips to be in a good relationship with thesis and ends up in a happy marriage (read: happy result):

1. Stay Positive!

Just like Mr. Akun said, thesis is not horror, hehe. In my mind, it's really important that he mentioned it, because many of us get stuck by the image of scary thing inside. I don't say that thesis is angel anyway, only, it's not that evil. So, my dear friends, do not worry, just start and stay positive. The struggle has just begun, do not let small thing ruin the whole process. And just believe in yourselves, that you can finish it. Do not be afraid of anything you even can't see. It's the matter of thought. You are what you think. ^^

2. Get Motivated!

Pick someone or some people as your motivator. It can be God, your Mom, Dad, Sister, Brother, Boy/Girlfriend, or Best friend. When I was down at that moment, I thought of my mom and I got motivated again, because all I wanted to do was to make her proud, and if I got bad result for my thesis, I would disappoint her. Therefore, I encouraged my self because of her. You can use that way to motivate yourselves, by thinking of someone you love.

3. Be Enthusiastic!

You chose this topic. It's your own choice and you can deal with things you like, so bring out your enthusiasm to make the process of writing to be more interesting. Love what you (have to) do, fill it with spirit. Without spirit, there will be no 'life' inside your thesis, and why is it important? Because I believe that it can affect readers (read: examiners :p) in getting something from your thesis. And of course, will you waste your time and energy during 4 months only to create something useless? If you have to do it, then why don't make it useful for people? But how can people be enthusiastic with your writing if yourselves are not? :D

4. Rack your Brain.

We are gifted by God with a magnificent brain, so why let it unemployed? Do more effort with our brains, want to admit or not, sometimes we just want to give up because we are too lazy to educate ourselves. I myself, ever be like that. I didn't understand my theories and couldn't apply it to the analysis because I was too lazy to read it. There were plenty of them, and the language was awfully difficult. If we really can't deal with it, do some effort, try to find other books that give you understandable theories. Read more books, just like Mr. Comi said, read, and you will be smart. It'll help you to think out of the box. The most important thing? Brainstorming, of course! When you get stuck, find people who are capable to help you, do the brainstorming. It's not about your opinion or their opinions that are true, it's about looking from different perspective and enrich your knowledge.

5. Follow your Heart.

You will find many suggestions from many people during the brainstorming process. It can be from friends, lecturers, mentor, etc etc. Yep, even lecturers can give you different idea. What you need to do is, listen to your heart (and brain :P), which idea will you use? Not that others idea is not useful or wrong, but you are the one who  knows about your thesis very well. Nobody knows what you want to do with this project better than you. So, it's you also who know the best for your thesis. You can elaborate many opinions into one steady input, or filter them, it's all up to you, as long as you understand where it leads. And you can choose, whether you want to do it everyday little by little, or if you are working, you can do it on one specific day you've spared for. The method is also up to you, whether you want to do chapter 2 first, or chapter 3 first. If you do chapter 2 first, you will have enough knowledge to analyze, but later you must edit chapter 2 again because usually there are many additional theories or even  need to be deducted. But then, if you do chapter 3 first, you will find it easier when composing chapter 2 because you've known exactly what theories you need to write. It's according to your style and way of writing. Remember, whatever effort you have given, it's nothing to lose.

6. Mapping your Mind.

Do you feel like many ideas run inside your brain and then you have nothing even a single letter in your analysis? Yeah, I suffered for that problem, too. I found it difficult to organize and apply my thought into a writing. Scientific Writing. I could babble till bubbled up about feminism in Harry Potter my dear series but HOW? HOW to make it appropriate for thesis? How to show the logical thinking inside the analysis? That's why I suggest you to do this, mind-mapping. No need to draw this kind of map, but write down your outline. Write your way of thinking into a piece of paper. Read it again and try to connect it each other. It really works, when you transform what inside your brain (which is invisible) to a paper in front of your eyes (which means visible). And after having an outline for chapter 2 and 3, VOILA! Your analysis will run smoothly like Harry who slides on his broomstick! :)

7. Mentor = 10%, You = 90%.

Do not depend on your mentor. If your mentor is kind, don't be spoiled. If your mentor is not kind, then it's your chance to optimize your capability and shape your character. You may think that your mentor is killer, or don't care with you, or don't want to help much, or don't have enough time, or don't have the same opinion with you. Admit it or not, it really develops our characters right away. It makes us to be more responsible, patient, communicative, discipline, or anything, just see the positive side from your mentor. Maintain good relationship with them because they will be with you for 4 months.  Don't be down because of your mentor and don't let it affect your thesis. Don't think that you won't get good result because of your mentor. It all depends on you. Keep this in mind. What you will get DEPENDS ON YOU. I didn't have the smooth mentoring time also. My mentor was so busy and only had not much time for me. Maybe 20 minutes a week. I even didn't have enough time for the brainstorming and she told me what I had to do in only few sentences. But will you blame your mentor? I hope not, because for me, she had taught me to be responsible with my self. If we had that kind of situation, what would we do? Just continued that project perfunctorily? Or would we spare more effort to get the maximum result? It all depends on us.

8. Climb High.

You won't get smooth way into the peak. It will be rocky and pebbly. It will have to ascend with sweats, tears, and bloods! (err blood not really, actually, only if you cut your finger while typing) But remains strong, even if you feel like the peak seems so far away. As long as you keep climbing, you will reach it no matter what. Don't stop forever. Don't quit. There will be many obstacles, revision, blank-moment, when brain stops working, when finger stops typing, when eyes stop reading. Relax, but do not forget to climb. What do I mean here by climbing? It means put your best effort. Googling for books, reading for information, asking for more knowledge, and many more!

9. Remember to Rest.

When you are tired, just rest. Text your friends. Scream out loud how stress you are. They will calm you down, they will cheer you up, they will raise your spirit high! It really helps, trust me! Talk about other things beside thesis thing, turn your mind from it for a while. Spoil yourselves, go XXI-ing, hanging out, bathing, relaxing, anything! Make yourselves happy. You deserve it, after long hours and days working on it.

10. Keep Focusing.

But remember, stay focus on what you do. Sometimes we are so complacent with the relaxing moment that we get too lazy to continue. Alert! Do not hope it will end with good result if you never struggle on it. You don't have to force yourselves to get A, just do your best, and your effort won't be futile. And you can enjoy this one of the precious moments in your college life! ^^

Have fun!



  1. hhh... nampaknya cukup sudah gw sebulan off gak megang skripsi.. hiks

  2. wakakakkakaka ayok semangat dei!!!

  3. I totally agree with all of it, Edwig! This would certainly help a lot for people who are working with their thesis project. And I love the idea to get motivated. Some people lack motivation when they are in the middle of their work. Little did they know, that people can find motivation and inspiration on all things around you, especially on your love ones.