Sunday, January 26, 2014


I start naming stuffs since my keyboard Solacio Cruz. Now it's like a family that I name all my stuffs with Cruz as their surname haha. It's fun, tho. So I just realize that I haven't introduced my digital camera. I bought it one and half year ago, and it was like the first expensive stuff I ever bought with my own money, so I considered it thoughtfully and carefully. After some researches and based on my friend's recommendation, I picked out Canon IXUS 230HS. Not only because of the quality and price, but also the colour choices! After deciding the type, I was confused choosing the colour! I asked my workmates to pick what suited me most. But they had their own different tastes and it made me more confused haha. My preference were fuchsia and purple

Then I found this: Canon IXUS Personality Quiz. At first I answered the quiz in rush and I got fuchsia. I thought the result was good but I just didn't feel sure. So I tried again for the second time and I got purple. When I read the description I felt like, "Ah, this one! This is so me." And remember when I asked my workmates? I got most answers for purple. When I asked them why, they just said "No reason, I just think it suits you." So I felt sure that purple would be my choice and voila! I made the decision. Haha. We got a good deal at PRJ and I was so satisfied with my choice. My beloved camera and friend, Estoille Cruz, which until this moment when I write this, has accompanied me and my beloved ones, captured many precious moments, and travelled with us to Singapore, Thailand, Malaysia, and Australia so far. I treasure it so much.

So why I chose Estoille? Actually it comes from French, √Čtoile which means Star. I just modified it a bit to make it easy-listening haha. Now, let me introduce you to Crystalline Cruz, another family member. *giggling*

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