Sunday, December 16, 2012


I wonder what kind of world we are living in,
where hatred is like the air, 
we can find it anywhere.
A world without so much peace,
and people that's hard to please.
They forget to respect each other, 
and that different opinions shouldn't bother.
We all living together and sharing this earth,
why should we burst out the wrath?

I really wonder what kind of world we are living in,
where people turn the tragedy into comedy,
and think that there's something funny.
They make joke about some people die,
and laughing at people who cry.
Hard to expect any empathy, 
when people no longer have sympathy,
moreover when bad things happen to their enemy.

I thought I know what kind of world we are living in,
a very cruel world contains of very cruel people,
where people will always judge you whatever you do.
So what's the point of being good and doing something true?


There's something I may haven't seen.
There's a pearl inside the oyster,
and a rainbow after the rain.
I see a hero after disaster,
and love after the pain.

I know there will always be negative response,
anger, wrath, hatred, sarcasm, quarrel, 
provocation and confrontation,
which lead this human kind to deeper degradation and frustration,
and make us forget our function,
that we can still make a little restoration.

But a little kindness will do, a little care is enough,
although what we face is maybe something tough.
As long as we are not trapped in apathy,
and choose not to listen and see.
Just like those who help endlessly,
and bring smile to the needy.

I think I know now,
that the kind of world we are living in,
is like a mirror, that reflects back what we are doing.
Shall we do good, this world will be good.
Each of us, one by one,
begin with a small and simple thing to do.
Mock less, judge less, insult less, hate less.
Love more, care more, smile more, understand more.
So that this world we are living in,
may become the kind of world worth living.

Sequel of the first poem: What Kind of World We are Living In?

Yes, although the moral degradation of this world is like in despair, and human kind seems so hopeless,
I am grateful that we still can find a lot of great and kind people, and love shared everywhere.
It warms my heart. Thank you Jesus Christ, for teaching  us how to love. 

I dedicate this poem for Victoria, for her bravery and sacrifice, and also for all heroes and warriors of love out there, and for all the volunteers, you are all my inspiration!

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