Tuesday, December 27, 2011


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Important Life Events in Sequences

I think I like the new timeline, plus the feature to access our past posts.

Some people think it's embarrassing, but for me, it's exciting!
We can see how we used to be when we were younger.
I mean, okay, it's not too good. We were not mature enough and we did stupid things on Facebook.
But then so what? It was us. Why should we be ashamed of ourselves? We did that.

I myself find it interesting when reading the past posts. Like reading an old diary. Opening the old pages and old memories. Reading all status updates and comments from friends. Hilarious! Sometimes I see that I was so immature 2 years ago. Posting my anger and my sadness. However, I enjoy it. Knowing that I ever passed that immature phase of life. Using alay language like Cemangadh, aQ, capa, hahaha so funny. Understand not why I could speak like that before. But it's not something to deny for, isn't it? Just laugh at it. Doing embarrassing and stupid things doesn't make us a bad person. I regret nothing about the foolish things I did, mostly with my friends, because I know, at our old age, we have so many things to laugh about. 

Keep Foolish! (but mature now) :p

Moreover, maybe we should be ashamed if we don't show any progress or changes. But if we did, then be proud. We can see the journey to our maturity from the timeline. If in the past I used to report all my activities (just to write it down so I can recall the memories again years forward) now I learn to post scriptures and daily devotional message. I am glad enough that now I can share many useful things via Facebook more than in the past. We always like to see progress, aren't we?

The most important thing is, we can be less sarcastic. We tend to judge other people that they are so immature when they post something not important blah blah blah. But hey. Look at ourselves. We did it too before. Be grateful if we have passed that phase of immaturity, but then let other pass it too without too much sarcasm from us. 

Be a peacemaker.


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