Friday, August 19, 2011


I was debating with God the day before yesterday. He asked me why I didn't discipline my self in prayer, why I just came when I thought I wanted to. Did I still love Him? I answered, Yes Lord I still love you. I just forgot, or I was too busy, You knew I was too sleepy, I didn't have enough time to sit alone at dawn, I couldn't wake up. Lord, but I am thinking of You. In every second, every minute, every hour, every day, You are always on my mind. He says tenderly, My dear child, if you say that you love Me but you even don't miss to talk to me, I can say that you are just not that into Me. 

Checkmate! I can't dodge anymore. He doesn't need love comes out from my mouth only. He wants me to show it, by building personal and intimate relationship just like before. Just a little chit chat anyway. I'm not trying to announce the world that I love God, because I know everyone loves God. It's just, maybe you have the same thought with me. That we still love God even though we don't come to His presence every day and as long as we do good things to others. Well, think it over, maybe we are just not that into Him, because if we fall in love, we will always crave to spend as much time as we can with Him. Yes, we show our loves to God by doing good to others. But first of the first, God wants an intimate relationship with His children. We can do more for His glory through our relationship with Him. God bless. ^^

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