Sunday, March 20, 2011


This Sunday morning, when I woke up, I watched Dragon Ball in Indosiar, and always, it reminds me of my brother for every time I see it. My cousin, actually, but he's been like my real brother. His name is Karyono Djais, or I call him Koko Asian. He lived with my grandmother in Gunung Sahari since a kid. When I was in elementary school he'd been in university. Atma Jaya University. At that time I still lived in Kelapa Gading, but twice a month in every weekend we spent it in Gunung Sahari with Ama (my granny), Kuku (my aunt), Koko Asian, Aphen (my another bro), Becik (my uncle), and Amau (our cat). Dragon Ball is his favorite cartoon all the time. Every Sunday morning, he asked us to wake him up if it's already 9 a.m because that's when the cartoon started. 

He'd liked Dragon Ball since Goku's still a kid:

Until Goku's adult and has children and grandchildren hahaha.

And my English Book is full with his handwriting. Why? Because my mom always asked me to study with Koko. I liked it, to study with him, but sometimes I hoped I didn't need to, because I only wanted to play with him. But my brother, just like other great brothers in the world, encouraged me and helped me to study well, helped me to finished my homework, moreover English and Mathematic because I was so dumb in that two subjects. While he was so clever in all subjects. He was majoring in mechanical engineering and a lecturer's assistant. Of course, he always got good scores, "A" in almost all subjects, and never got "C". That's what inspired me to study well in university hoho. 

And we always played together with Koko Asian and Aphen. We played many games, Nintendo, Cards, Marbles, and every time I cried because of fighting with Aphen, Koko would calm me down hahaha. I loved him so much, so much, I can't express my feeling by words. Although we only met each other twice a month, but we'd been together since I was born until I was 12 years-old. 12 years with you, Ko, mixing dough together when Ama wanted to bake a cake, when you carried me on your back, or on your neck! That was scary! But fun! When my mom put me in Ama's house because she had to work, you held the bed for me. We ate Dim Sum together, pudding, kuetiaw, we really liked Ama's cooking, right? I'm so sad that now I'd forgotten your voice and scent. I really miss you, I wanna meet you, I want you to be here, can't you?

If you were still alive, you must had had a family now. With a lucky wife, and smart children. And you could see my graduation. I hope you'll be proud of me, because you are one of my inspirations. I still remember, only in one year you would become a bachelor, too. It's just that God had another plan. I dreamed about you almost every night after you'd gone. If you didn't go, I know, you would be a very nice gentleman, because you are so patient, kind-hearted, tender, warm, funny, talented, smart, and all of those good qualities. Plus tall and handsome! Hahaha.

About an hour before his death, he was baptized. Friends from Atma Jaya came and asked him whether he wanted to accept Jesus and "YES" he answered certainly. So I really look forward to meeting him someday in Firdaus, and I'm happy that you are sitting beside Jesus right now, Koko. I love you, and I always do. 


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