Tuesday, February 15, 2011


Suddenly fall in a deep love with Choi Si Won! Hahaha, has been loving him since years ago because he is handsome, but then, okay, that's it. Like to see his face, but that's it. And since yesterday I dreamed of him coincidently (didn't and never think about him at all for long time), I start to find out more about him. And what do I get? In fact, he is not only handsome, but also a radical Christian (I know this from his Twitter photos & comment). And he plays piano and I like to see him dance. And and and, now he sings in Mandarin with Super Junior-M, WOW. Just, WOW! Hahaha. Si Won's smile is so sweet, makes every girl's heart melting! Including me. Tee-Hee.  

Enjoy the video! :p Si Won looks soooo handsome here, although he looks handsome in every MV and everytime! Hahaha. And here are some of his photographs that make you melt, melt, and melt till like forever.

Please pray for my thesis-defense, Oppa! :p

And this!! So funny & touching MV! I know, hug means much, I hope I can hug people I love everyday! :D I love to hug my mom, and my godmother, and tempe because she is so bouncy! Hahaha. And this one, Suju gave free hug to everyone on the street, waaaaa wish I were there!! I want it, too, Si Won Oppa! I love this song, easy listening & sweet! Watching the following MVs always makes me laugh! Love'em!

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