Sunday, August 08, 2010


I've just lost my cousin!! Just received that news this morning..
Anak sulung na om yg dd na papi.. Gw ga prnah ktm, ga tau nama na, ga prna knal..

Tp dgr dr cerita mami, pas kcil dy pna jatoh parah bgt, trs smenjak itu dy jd ga normal..
Krn sakitny yg parah itu, 16 taon dilewatin d rumah, ga terurus, even to had his hair cut! Dy jg ga pgi skola. Stela 16 taon, dy mninggal..
GEEZ, kaget+miris..

I may never know what God's plan behind this tragedy is, coz it's too hard to digest.. Why did he live then, if his whole life was spent like that? But i do think that there's something' i dun understand,dunno what. How he got through his life, no one was able to feel his feeling'.. I just hope he'll rest in peace, & it pinches my heart, still..

For us who like complaining', moaning', getting' bad mood, never giving' thanks, if u read this, so do i, just re-think it again. Our life is much much much luckier than we expect. Dun waste our time & dun ever say that 24 hours a day isn't enough! God has prepared it and He's never wrong. It'll be enough depend on how we spend it, wisely or not. Do we waste a day by complaining' that our life is boring?

Or complaining' some people annoying'? Our time is worthier than that. Many useful things we can do for ourselves & other people. Can we imagine, just compare what we have with them who get sick their whole life? They wanna do normal things like us. They hope they have time to study, friends to share with, energy to hang out, & chance to pursue their dreams!

If we are blessed with those blessing', then don't take it for granted. Take it as the special gift we have to be responsible for. Or we'll regret someday.. Every time we think we are not lucky, just remember, there are many children out there envy for some better life, but they still try to live their life.. Then we have to live our life cheerfully, spend our time wisely, give thank for our blessing humbly..^^

[29 Juli 2009]

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